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Last Survivor Will Reveal New Character on December 1

Bandai Namco will reveal a new character for the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure arcade game.

A new character and more information will be announced for the battle royale arcade game JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor on Wednesday December 1, 2021. The reveal will happen on a live stream from the official YouTube channel at 19:00 JST.



Time ZoneStart Time
Pacific Time (UTC-8)2:00 AM (December 1)
Mountain Time (UTC-7)3:00 AM (December 1)
Central Time (UTC-6)4:00 AM (December 1)
Eastern Time (UTC-5)5:00 AM (December 1)
UTC-3 [Brazil]7:00 AM (December 1)
UTC-28:00 AM (December 1)
UTC-19:00 AM (December 1)
UTC [United Kingdom]10:00 AM (December 1)
Central European (UTC+1) [France/Germany/Italy]11:00 AM (December 1)
UTC+2 [Israel/Egypt]12:00 PM (December 1)
UTC+3 [Russia]1:00 PM (December 1)
UTC+4 [United Arab Emirates]2:00 PM (December 1)
UTC+5 [Pakistan]3:00 PM (December 1)
UTC+5:30 [India]3:30 PM (December 1)
UTC+7 [Vietnam/Thailand/Indonesia]5:00 PM (December 1)
UTC+8 [China/Philippines/Singapore]6:00 PM (December 1)
UTC+9 [Japan]7:00 PM (December 1)
UTC+11 [Australia]9:00 PM (December 1)
UTC+13 [New Zealand]11:00 PM (December 1)

What character do you think will join? Post your predictions below!

Source: @jojols_official

Update (December 1, 2021)

The live stream revealed that the character joining is Diavolo, the Boss of the Passione gang in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure‘s fifth part.

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