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Explore Japan’s Prefectures with JoJo’s All-Star Battle R Characters

Bandai Namco Japan is holding a launch campaign for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R with unique character postcards as prizes.

In commemoration of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R releasing next week, Bandai Namco Entertainment Japan is holding a launch campaign for 50 people to win a postcard set of Japan’s 47 prefectures. Users living in Japan can apply for the contest by following @jojo_games_jp on Twitter and sharing a tweet of their favorite prefecture with the hashtag #JOJO_ASBR_47都道府県に登場. Winners will be notified by direct message on Twitter.

Each postcard displays a character from the game’s base roster (excluding Ikuro Hashizawa/Baoh) with locations fitting the character. The images are below with English translations of each caption.

The campaign is available from August 26 to September 18, 2022. Prizes are expected to be delivered in November 2022.

Postcard Set

Hokkaido / Tohoku Area



White Album is the strongest in the “cryogenic world”!


[Caesar A. Zeppeli]

Bubble lenses are unrivaled in this sunlight-filled apple orchard!


[Giorno Giovanna]

A golden experience…!


[Yoshikage Kira/Kosaku Kawajiri]

A similar atmosphere to S City, M Prefecture. That’s why Killer Queen is displayed here!


[Dio Brando]

Akita has the shortest daylight hours! Vampires are invincible here!


[Noriaki Kakyoin]

An area famous for producing cherries!! Cherries are Kakyoin’s favorite food.


[Guido Mista]

The Aizuwakamatsu Castle’s museum has a flintlock gun on display! Mista’s Pistols are also interested?!

Kanto Area


[Koichi Hirose]

Ibaraki Prefecture is Japan’s number one egg producer!! What will be born from these eggs…?!


[Vanilla Ice]

Wisterias are a symbol of “devotion” in the language of flowers… Let’s pledge our loyalty here to that person…!!


[Jolyne Cujoh]

Japan’s first silk reeling factory was established here! “Did you hear me? Stone Free… That’s its name!”


[Joseph Joestar]

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, “The God of Marriage”.
“Happy! Joy-py! Nice to meetcha-py!”


[Jean Pierre Polnareff]

Mysterious hearts are reflected on the surface of the water and in the caves at Nomizo Falls. Polnareff’s earrings are hearts too!


[Jotaro Kujo]

No matter how many people there are, the “path” is something that you have to carve out for yourself.


[Old Joseph Joestar]

Give Chinese food another try. You can roughly understand the kanji on the menu…?!

Chubu Area


[Robert E. O. Speedwagon]

It seems hydrangeas can also be used for medicinal purposes…? The Speedwagon Foundation should research this!!


[Narciso Anasui]

A diving spot loved by divers!!



A beautiful night view of the teahouse district. “Tadaa ♪ It doesn’t get any better than this!”


[Diego Brando]

Where’s the Fukuisaurus?! Fukui Prefecture has one of the highest rates of dinosaur fossil excavation!!


[Will Anthonio Zeppeli]

Don’t spill a single drop of wine! Yamanashi Prefecture is the number one producer of wine in Japan!!


[Foo Fighters]

Over 400 years of history are in these trees!! “Memories” give courage to cells.


[Hol Horse]

Takayama Jinya, where you can feel the history of the Edo Shogunate! Since this land was under the direct control of the Shogunate, there might have been someone with amazing skill who could form a duo with this man back then?


[Akira Otoishi]

Shizuoka Prefecture is Japan’s largest exporter of musical instruments! “I’m gonna blow the world away with my guitar…”


[Prosciutto and Pesci]

Discover the “Spaceship-Aqua Observation Deck” that resembles a turtle!

Kinki (Kansai) Area


[Gyro Zeppeli]

A white horse is said to have lived in the Tado Grand Shrine for 1500 years! “Make the horse run in a way the horse itself thinks is ‘good’… Like you’re thanking the horse itself… for being born in this world under the sky…”


[Yukako Yamagishi]

Shiga Prefecture is one of Japan’s largest producers of roses! Perfect for a beautiful girl!


[Trish Una]

Yuba (tofu skin) and Yudofu (boiled tofu)… A city where you can indulge in dishes that are effective for smooth, beautiful skin!


[Rohan Kishibe]

The Tower of the Sun is one of the most famous works of art in Japan! There’s a sense of “reality” which you can only feel here.



Hyogo Prefecture is known for Rokko-oroshi, the north wind that blows down to the coast! This man is the “Divine Sandstorm”!


[Jonathan Joestar]

Nara is home to numerous historical heritage sites. An archaeologist’s heart resonates!


[Funny Valentine]

Shirarahama beach and Waikiki beach are parallel sister beaches! Maybe the president will visit…?

Chūgoku Area



It’s not a desert, it’s a sand dune!!


[Shigekiyo Yangu]

Increase your money by washing coins at the Zeniarai Benten Shrine in the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine.


[Josuke Higashikata]

Okayama Prefecture is Japan’s largest producer of school uniforms!! A man who always wears his hair and school uniform in style!



A world heritage site with 1400 years of history. Try to find those “Arrows” again…



Yamaguchi has a mountain with minerals called a “lodestone”! The magnetism is unbeatable!!

Shikoku Area


[Pet Shop]

Like Tokushima Prefecture’s emblem, take off into the sky! Caaawww!


[Okuyasu Nijimura]

The Hand… Kagawa Prefecture is Japan’s largest producer of gloves!


[Pannacotta Fugo/Narancia Ghirga]

Ehime ranks first in the country for aquaculture and Iyokan oranges! Eating fish makes you smarter! …It must!


[Ermes Costello]

Kiss… Kochi Prefecture is a hidden gem for kisu fishing!

Kyushu/Okinawa Area


[Josuke Higashikata]

Fukuoka is the land of sailors! You won’t have to worry about changing clothes here?!


[Bruno Bucciarati]

Kashibaru Shitsugen Wetlands in Saga Prefecture is home to many rare creatures! Let’s guard them carefully.


[Enrico Pucci]

“Humans must strive to go to Heaven!”


[Muhammad Avdol]

The Land of Fire!! Magician’s Red!!


[Lisa Lisa]

Beppu Onsen in Oita Prefecture has the largest amount of hot springs in Japan!! Bath lovers rejoice!!


[Johnny Joestar]

For about 300 years since the Edo period, “Misaki horses” have been bred and grazed in the same way! These horses “inherited” a tremendous history.



A place where you can feel the heartbeat of the earth… The “Ultimate Thing” will take over the earth from here!



A place with the longest hours of daylight! “WAHHHH! This is too much!”

Source: JoJo ASBR Website

About JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R is a remaster of the original game which released on August 29, 2013 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive in commemoration of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure‘s 25th anniversary. It released on April 25, 2014 in Europe and four days after that in North America. In early 2018, Europe’s PSN store removed the game and its DLC. It was removed in North America and Japan in August 2022. There were 41 characters in total, with 32 available in-game and 9 as DLC characters.

ASBR releases on September 1 on PC and on September 2, 2022 on consoles. It includes over 50 characters and is made in commemoration for the 35th anniversary of the series, as well as the anime’s 10th anniversary. It will be available on Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, and Nintendo Switch.

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