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JJBA: Golden Wind Panels Displayed at Japan’s Pompeii Exhibition

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind panels will be displayed at Japan’s special Pompeii exhibition in Fukuoka.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will be featured in the Fukuoka venue of Japan’s special Pompeii exhibition. In the fifth part of the series, Golden Wind, the gang visits Pompeii to find a key under their Boss’s orders. The key is near Pompeii’s famous “Beware of Dog” tile mosaic.

Japan’s Pompeii exhibition is a special collaboration with Italy’s National Archaeological Museum of Naples. This exhibition is the first time that many of the museum’s treasures are displayed in Japan. There are several artifacts and high-definition images of the ruins.

The Twitter account for the exhibition posted the JoJo collaboration announcement on October 6. The Fukuoka venue will be held from October 12 to December 4, 2022 at the Kyushu National Museum.

Based on the graphic shown, it seems two JoJo panels related to Pompeii will be displayed. The tweet also teases that “those 3” will be coming to the Pompeii Exhibition, referring to Giorno Giovanna, Pannacotta Fugo, and Leone Abbacchio.

Takamitsu Sueyoshi, a producer at Shueisha, tweeted that this collaboration was made possible thanks to JoJo’s 10th anniversary exhibition at Fukuoka occurring at the same time (November 30 – December 18).

Sources: @pompei2022, Official Website

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