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Hirohiko Araki Judges Tokyo Bar Association Official Mascot Designs

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure creator Hirohiko Araki judges and comments on character mascot designs for a contest by the Tokyo Bar Association.

A few months ago, the Tokyo Bar Association in Japan held a contest to create a character that would make citizens of all ages feel closer to lawyers and the Bar Association. The creator of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, Hirohiko Araki, was a special member participating in the selection committee for the contest.

The deadline for the contest was January 15, 2024. They selected the winner and officially announced the results on March 18, 2024. It had a grand prize of 100,000 yen (around $671 USD) and a few souvenirs as special prizes.

Grand Prize

By Yamaoka Design Office (Aichi Prefecture)

Comment from Araki

The character has an easygoing pose and gives off a warm feeling, as if it has the charm of a reliable friend. It links with the smartphone app “BenTora (Lawyer Study Guide / Bengoshi Tora no Maki),” making it worthy of the grand prize.

BenTora is an app by the Tokyo Bar Association. It provides police and court information, maps, phone numbers, functions for calculating fees, and more. Ben stands for “bengoshi” (lawyer in Japanese), while “tora” is a short form of “tora no maki” (study guide). However, “tora” also means tiger, making it a fitting design.

Prizes (4)

By Katsuya Ikeda (Osaka Prefecture)

Comment from Araki

It’s designed from the kanji “東” (east), and looks stylish and cool. It conveys a personality that is moving toward a goal.

By Yumiko Morakoshi (Tokyo)

Comment from Araki

The face is like a flower suddenly blooming, which is captivating and memorable.

By Midori Yamakawa (Osaka Prefecture)

Comment from Araki

The symbolic scales shape the ears, resulting in a design with a high level of perfection.

By Koshiro Fukuyoshi (Tokyo)

Comment from Araki

I thought it was the most innovative and adventurous design! It reminds me of a trio idol group.

Special Award

By Ayaha Kanayasu (Chiba Prefecture)

Comment from Araki

The character design is meticulously detailed down to the smallest feature. It’s impressive how a home has been personified!

About the Tokyo Bar Association

Established in 1893, the Bar Association deals with human rights issues. This includes criminal representation, children, the elderly, the disabled, women, victims of crime, foreigners, pollution, and the environment. They are also expanding their legal consultation services to be accessible to all citizens of Tokyo.

Source: Tokyo Bar Association Website

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