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Hirohiko Araki Illustrates Napoleon Bonaparte for History Book Cover

Hirohiko Araki drew Napoleon Bonaparte for cover of “Learning Through Manga: World History” volume 10. Other manga artists also participated.

Hirohiko Araki illustrated Napoleon Bonaparte on the cover of the tenth volume of “Learning Through Manga: World History” (学習まんが 世界の歴史). Today on April 23, 2024, Shueisha announced a full renewal of the book series for the first time since it began 22 years ago on November 1, 2002. The series has 18 volumes, allowing readers to enjoy and learn history in a manga format.

The cover illustrations for all 18 volumes are drawn by 16 popular manga artists. These include the following:

  • Hirohiko Araki (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • Yasuhisa Hara (Kingdom)
  • Posuka Demizu (The Promised Neverland/Cool Shock Old B.T.)
  • Kohei Horikoshi (My Hero Academia)
  • Yuki Tabata (Black Clover)
  • Yusei Matsui (Assassination Classroom/The Elusive Samurai)
  • Tatsuya Endo (SPY×FAMILY)
  • Satoru Noda (Golden Kamuy)
  • Shin-ichi Sakamoto (Innocent)
  • Hiroyuki Asada (Tegami Bachi)
  • Masanori Morita (Rokudenashi Blues/ROOKIES)
  • Kozueko Morimoto (Gokusen)
  • Mari Yamazaki (Thermae Romae)
  • Fumiyo Kono (Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms)
  • Io Sakisaka (Ao Haru Ride)
  • Hikaru Miyoshi (Moriarty the Patriot)

The new edition of all volumes will be released on October 4, 2024. Compared to the older release, these volumes have a compact soft cover rather than being hardcover. The content is also completely new, with 56 more pages in each volume. It complies with revised curriculum guidelines, with 10 of the 18 volumes containing modern history.

Napoleon Bonaparte by Hirohiko Araki

Volume 10: “The French Revolution and the Path to the Nation-State – The Awakening to Freedom, Human Rights, and Independence”

Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military commander who became emperor in May 1804, a few years after the French Revolution. His reign ended after his defeat at Waterloo, resulting in his exile and eventual death on Saint Helena in 1821.

Araki’s illustration is based on Jacques-Louis David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps painting from 1801.

All 18 Covers by Manga Artists

ImageTitleIllustratorHistorical Figures
Volume 1: Civilizations of the Orient and the Mediterranean – Egypt, Mesopotamia, GreeceYasuhisa HaraRamesses II
Volume 2: The Beginning of Chinese Civilization and the Chinese Empire – From the Yellow River Civilization to the Tang DynastyHiroyuki AsadaQin Shi Huang
Volume 3: The Glory of the Great Empire of Rome – Ancient Rome & ByzantiumKohei HorikoshiJulius Caesar and Cleopatra
Volume 4: The Islamic World and India – The Rise and Fall of Dynasties and ReligionsKozueko MorimotoSuleiman I and Akbar
Volume 5: Christianity and the Development of Europe – Medieval EuropeYuki TabataCharlemagne and Joan of Arc
Volume 6: The Mongols and East Asia – From the Song Dynasty to the Early Qing Dynasty, KoreaFumiyo KonoKublai Khan
Volume 7: The Renaissance and the Reformation – Early Modern EuropePosuka DemizuLeonardo da Vinci
Volume 8: Sovereign States of Europe – Absolute Monarchy and Enlightened DespotismIo SakisakaElizabeth I
Volume 9: The Industrial Revolution and the Independence of America – The Beginnings of CapitalismHikaru MiyoshiAbraham Lincoln
Volume 10: The French Revolution and the Path to the Nation-State – The Awakening to Freedom, Human Rights, and IndependenceHirohiko ArakiNapoleon Bonaparte
Volume 11: The Progress of Modernization and Imperialism – The Expansion of Great Powers and ColoniesYusei MatsuiIto Hirobumi and Otto von Bismarck
Volume 12: The Opium Wars and the Xinhai Revolution – From the Late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of ChinaMasanori MoritaSun Yat-sen, Puyi, and Empress Dowager Cixi
Volume 13: World War I and the Russian Revolution – From Total War to International CooperationSatoru NodaVladimir Lenin
Volume 14: Political Participation of the Masses and the Great Depression – The Interwar Period of Prosperity and InstabilityShin-ichi SakamotoFranklin D. Roosevelt
Volume 15: World War II and the United Nations – The Greatest Sacrifice in Human HistoryTatsuya EndoWinston Churchill and Adolf Hitler
Volume 16: The Cold War and East-West Conflict – The Two Superpowers and the Third WorldShin-ichi SakamotoMikhail Gorbachev, Mahatma Gandhi, and John F. Kennedy
Volume 17: A Multipolar World – Asia, Europe, the Middle East, AfricaMari YamazakiNelson Mandela, Yasser Arafat, Deng Xiaoping
Volume 18: The Advancement of Globalization – Challenges of the 21st CenturyPosuka DemizuChildren of the World

Source: Official Site

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