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Bilibili Launches Jotaro-Themed Bluetooth Earphone Set in China

Bilibili is collaborating with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to release a Jotaro Kujo-themed earbud set in China.

In commemoration of the JoJo Bizarre Adventure anime adaptation’s tenth anniversary, Bilibili is releasing a wireless Bluetooth earbud set based on Jotaro Kujo. Jotaro is the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders, the third part of the JoJo series.

Bilibili is an online video sharing website similar to YouTube based in Shanghai, China. They launched their “bilipods” headset brand in April 2022. The first headsets developed was a collaboration with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Preorders for the Jotaro headset begins on October 1, 2022. Users living in China can preorder from the Bilibili mall. International readers can try to follow these steps to place an order.

Jotaro Kujo bilipods

The 65ms low-latency earbuds use a USB Type-C interface for charging. Their theoretical battery life is 5.5 hours of use for listening to songs.

The earbuds come with a storage holder that resembles Jotaro’s hat, as well as a case based on Jotaro’s schoolbag. Those who pre-order will receive two lanyards with the design of Jotaro’s belts.

Bilipods are capable of integrating with the Bilibili website, allowing users to like videos by tapping their earbuds.

Source: @bilipods on Weibo (Thanks to @kadajyuki2 for the news tip)

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