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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure × graniph: Phantom Blood and Golden Wind Merch

Japanese fashion brand graniph collaborates with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on unisex graphic apparel based on Phantom Blood and Golden Wind.

The “graniph” Japanese fashion brand announced today that they will be releasing a collaboration with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. It includes a range of unisex apparel and accessories, with each piece including graphic art from the series.

The collection is available for purchase at all graniph stores excluding outlet stores, as well as on their online store. The release date for the items in stores is November 28, with some products releasing later on November 30.

The designs feature the “Memetaa!” Frog, the Stone Mask, Dio Brando, Team Bucciarati, Bruno Bucciarati, Sex Pistols, Diavolo, and Epitaph.

Phantom Blood × graniph

Ripple Hoodie

Price: ¥8,500 (~$56.50 USD)

Stone Mask Coach Jacket

Price: ¥13,000 (~$86.41 USD)

Stone Mask T-Shirt

Price: ¥3,500 (~$23.27 USD)

Stone Mask Long Socks

Price: ¥1,200 (~$7.98 USD)

Ripple Cap

Price: ¥3,500 (~$23.27 USD)

Stone Mask Square Tote Bag S

Price: ¥4,500 (~$29.91 USD)

Golden Wind × graniph

Golden Wind Loose Fit Hoodie

Price: ¥8,500 (~$56.50 USD)

Golden Wind Reversible Blouson

Price: ¥13,000 (~$86.41 USD)

Arrivederci Loose Fit Shirt

Price: ¥7,900 (~$52.51 USD)

Requiem Loose Fit Shirt

Price: ¥7,900 (~$52.51 USD)

Go Pistols! Tucked Wide Pants

Price: ¥7,900 (~$52.51 USD)

Epitaph Long Socks

Price: ¥1,200 (~$7.98 USD)

Golden Wind T-Shirt

Price: ¥3,500 (~$23.27 USD)

Go Pistols! Bucket Hat

Price: ¥3,900 (~$25.92 USD)

Source: Official Site

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