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KLab Inc. Resurrects Development of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Mobile Game

KLab Inc. and Wanda Cinemas Games resume development of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure mobile game, releasing worldwide excluding Japan in 2026.

KLab Inc. has announced the revival of its mobile online game based on the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime series. The project was originally announced as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Hymn (乔乔的奇妙冒险 黄金赞歌) in China on December 25, 2020. However, there were no updates for the game or any details on the gameplay aside from promo images of Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Bucciarati posted in December 2020 and February 2021 respectively.

In January 20, 2022, KLab announced that they had acquired the rights to distribute the game worldwide, excluding Japan. At some point prior to October 6, 2022, the game was removed from the list of games on the official website of the publisher, Shengqu Games. KLab revealed today that development had halted due to issues with their initial publisher.

They are now proceeding through a new partnership with Wanda Cinemas Games, based in Beijing, China. With Wanda Cinemas Games now onboard, the game is slated for a worldwide release, excluding Japan, in 2026.

Further details, including the game’s title, will be released as development progresses.

Source: KLab Inc.

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