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JOJO WORLD Quizzes Event Starts in March 2024 in Japan

Bandai Namco is launching a new event, JOJO WORLD Quizzes, nationwide in Japan, starting on March 1, 2024.

Following JOJO WORLD from 2021 and JOJO WORLD2 in 2022, a new event titled “JOJO WORLD Quizzes” (also shortened to JOJO WORLD Q) will be launching in Japan. It will begin on March 1, 2024 in Bandai Namco Cross Store Tokyo and end on May 12, 2024. After that, it will tour nationwide all over the country.

Like the previous amusement centers, there will be mini-games, food collaborations, original goods with limited edition illustrations, and photo spots. Unique to this event will be quiz attractions based on the series.

Quiz Attractions

JOJO’s Quiz & Adventure

An interactive quiz attraction for the entire series of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime. Relive the stories of JoJo while utilizing your knowledge and physical strength to overcome the challenges that arise one after another!

โ€ปThere are different courses for each part, with 6 in total.

SPW Foundation Entrance Exam

An exam-style attraction that tests your overall ability, covering all parts of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime series. Choose your desired course from two levels of difficulty: ‘General Course’ and ‘Executive Course,’ and aim to join the SPW Foundation!


Joestar Family Bloodline Lottery

A mini-game where you can win original prizes by drawing lots to determine how closely related you are to the Joestar family.

JOJO’s Memory Roulette

A mini-game where you choose your favorite memory film, project famous scenes from the entire anime series, and win original prizes according to the scene.

Bucciarati’s Find Polpo’s Fortune!

A Bucciarati-only mini-game where you can win various Bucciarati-themed prizes depending on the hidden treasure you grab!

Source: Official Site

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