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Warner Bros. and Medicos Host JoJo Booths at Jump Festa 2024

Warner Bros. Japan and Medicos Entertainment are holding JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Animation Booths at Jump Festa 2024.

Warner Bros. Japan and Medicos Entertainment will be holding JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Animation booths at Jump Festa 2024 starting tomorrow. Both exhibits will be at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall on December 16 to December 17, 2023.

Warner Bros. Japan Booth

There are photo spots featuring posters of each season, and Stone Mask novelty items will be distributed for free. During busy times, each photo spot will be limited to one minute per group. There are ten Harvests hidden inside the booth, with a sign encouraging visitors to find them all.

Medicos Entertainment Booth

Medicos Entertainment will be selling merchandise based on the first season of the anime, Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency.

There are two acrylic diorama sets, an acrylic keychain collection, tapestries, clear file sets, a die cut sticker collection, satchels, daily tote bags, a scene photo acrylic badge collection based on the two openings, BIG acrylic stands, life-size tapestries, a tin badge collection, acrylic charm collections, long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, pouches, multi-purpose bandanas, Caesar‘s soap and towel set, and a Dio Brando die-cut cushion of his head.

Sources: JoJo-Portal, Medicos

About Jump Festa

Jump Festa is an annual exposition in Japan that celebrates various manga and anime from Shueisha’s Jump magazines (Weekly Shonen Jump, Jump Square, V Jump, Saikyo Jump, and Shonen Jump+). It began in 1999 and always takes place for two days in December.

Jump Festa 2023 featured a Stone Ocean booth with various products and exhibits.

In Jump Festa 2022, Medicos sold a Tohth bag, an Iggy stuffed animal, a Jolyne T-shirt, and a Toru T-shirt at their goods store.

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