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Tower of Saviors Mobile Game Adds JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters

The mobile game Tower of Saviors is collaborating with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, adding characters from first three parts in January 2024.

The mobile game Tower of Saviors is collaborating with the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure animated series starting on January 1, 2024. The Hong Kong-based company Mad Head Limited develops the game. Tower of Saviors is a combination of a match 3 game and an RPG. It features characters from various mythologies, cultures, and anime crossovers.

The JoJo crossover event, titled “A Bizarre Journey in the Tower”, will be adding characters from the first two seasons of the anime: Phantom Blood/Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders.

Tower of Saviors x JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

The “Anthem of Humanity” Drawing Machine will let players draw for up to nine JoJo characters: Jonathan Joestar, Robert E. O. Speedwagon, Joseph Joestar, Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli, Jotaro Kujo, Muhammad Avdol, Noriaki Kakyoin, Jean Pierre Polnareff, and Iggy.

Dio Brando is unlockable by defeating him in the “Evil Ambition” Ultimate Stage.

The item-collecting mission “Women of the Joestar Family” will allow players to unlock Erina Pendleton from the “Golden Spirit I” Drawing Machine. Lisa Lisa is obtainable from the “Golden Spirit II” Drawing Machine on the second week.

There are also exclusive JoJo Dragonware items like the Stone Mask.

Will Anthonio Zeppeli is obtainable by clearing the Challenge Stage “Passing the Spirit”.

The official website also mentions Old Joseph Joestar with Hermit Purple. However, the details of how to receive him is currently unknown.

This event and its rewards are exclusive to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Source: Official Site

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