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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean × ONOFFYFREE: Clothing & Bags

Bandai’s new fashion brand ONOFFYFREE collaborates with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, selling women’s clothing, bags, and more.

Bandai’s new Japanese fashion brand ONOFFYFREE is collaborating with the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean anime. Their products include tops, trousers, bags, stoles, and a pouch.

The clothing features various patterns related to main characters from the series. The pouch has art of Loccobarocco’s alligator puppet, Charlotte.

ONOFFYFREE × JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Products

Patterned Tops and Bottoms

Reversible tops (they can be worn two ways, either front or back) and bottoms with three different print designs. One is based on Jolyne Cujoh’s butterfly tattoo, another has Weather Report’s frogs, and the last one has Enrico Pucci’s prime numbers. Both the tops and pants are one-size-fits-all.

The tops cost ¥8,250 (approximately $61 USD) each, including tax. The pants cost ¥6,490 (approximately $48 USD) each. They are scheduled to ship in September 2022.

Square Bags

Square bags with a paisley pattern with either Stone Free or Foo Fighters printed on the eco-leather material. The handle can be adjusted with a belt and can be hung on the shoulder. There are many compartments inside.

This Stand bag may help you unleash your abilities. It costs ¥8,800 (approximately $65 USD) and is scheduled to ship in October 2022.


Thick fringe stoles inspired by the hairstyles of Jolyne and Ermes. They have large knit pockets. The Jolyne design features her star birthmark and her butterfly tattoo. The Ermes design has three of Kiss’s stickers. It can be used as a blanket.

It costs ¥7,150 (approximately $53 USD) and is scheduled to ship in October 2022.

Charlotte-chan Embroidery Pouch

A pouch with the design of Loccobarocco’s alligator puppet, Charlotte. With pockets on the inside, it’s perfect for carrying makeup tools and accessories.

It costs ¥4,950 (approximately $36 USD) and is scheduled to ship in October 2022.

The products can be purchased on their official website.


ONOFFYFREE is a brand by Bandai which offers fashionable products for people who love anime, manga, and video games. Focusing on loungewear and one-mile wear, they promote themselves as “a brand that allows you to get rid of boundaries of the world and become free”.

Their first series of products was a collaboration with Kuroko’s Basketball for its tenth anniversary. This collaboration with JoJo is the brand’s second line of products.

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